Your Journey Into Self...

Your Journey Into Self...

Holistic Therapies

With all my therapies, courses and workshops my intention is to bring my clients physical, mental and emotional processes back into a gentle state of balance, thus giving them a greater sense of well-being. Achieving a state of balance has been known to stimulate the body’s own natural healing ability, restoring and reviving the body for optimum health. 

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Holistic Qualifications

Suara Sound Tuning Fork Sound Advanced Ambassador (Qualifying)

Suara Sound Tuning Fork Sound Ambassador

EFT-  (Qualifying)

Charles Virtue Cert - Angel Practitioner – Angelic Healing*

Reiki Master Teacher - Cert UKRF*

Natural Healer - Cert BAHA and UK Healers*

Colour Therapist - Dip SNHS*.

Indian Head Massage - Dip CMA & GHT*

Counselling Level 1 - Cert BACP


Healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any symptoms of illness you should seek help from your doctor. Healing is safe and gentle and will compliment any form of complementary, alternative or medical treatment. As a Therapist I will not diagnose or recommend any form of medical treatment.