Your Journey Into Self...

Your Journey Into Self...


USUI & Tibetan - Reiki Explained



Dr Mikao Usui was born in August 15th 1865 in Yamagata a district of Kyoto. After holding many working positions through his life Mikau Usui eventually came back to Japan and became a Tendai Buddhist Monk/Priest. On occasion he would carry out a form of meditation lasting 21 days; one of these meditations took place on Mount Kurama (Horse Saddle Mountain). This is supposed to be the location he discovered ancient sounds and symbols that are linked directly to the human body and nervous system which activate the universal life energy for healing. Usui then underwent a metaphysical experience and became empowered to use these sounds and symbols to heal. He called this form of healing Reiki and taught it throughout Japan until his death around 1926.

His Reiki teachings were given to several grandmasters two of which were Dr. Chujiro Hyashi and Mrs Hawayo Takata.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei (Universal life) and Ki (Energy). This life energy exists in and around all living things within the Earth and Universe. Reiki energy is holistic in nature, safe and gentle in approach and the main aim of a Reiki Healing session is to bring your whole body back into a state of balance, mind, body and soul, thus promoting your own natural self-healing abilities. This self-healing ability has been known to prolong the effects of a healing session and give you a greater sense of health and wholeness. Reiki Healing is a total cleansing of all the bodies systems bringing them back to a harmonious flow. Reiki energy has several basic effects: it may bring about deep relaxation, destroy energy blockages, detoxify the system, provide new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. As Reiki energy affects every living thing it can be used just as effectively on animals.


What Happens in a Treatment?

After warmly welcoming you, we will sit down and explore the reasons why you will have come to me for Reiki and what happens during a healing session. Once you are comfortable I will invite you to lie on a therapy couch fully clothed whilst peaceful music is played. Once you’re relaxed the Reiki Healing session will begin. Reiki energy is channelled through me to you in a series of light touch or no touch non-intrusive hand positions. Your body responds to the healing by taking just the right amount of energy to bring rebalance, whether that may be to reenergize or to calm and soothe. Your whole body receives Reiki Healing rather than a specific symptom or area, this is because I have found through experience, the area of pain or mental and emotional discomfort is not always the only place that requires healing. As Reiki puts no demands on your body or mind so it makes the ideal therapy for all ages and conditions.


What Might I Feel?

During a session of Reiki what you feel is individual to every person. Some clients may see certain colours or feel warm or cold energy coming from my hands. Others may feel tingling, vibrations or you may feel nothing at all. Whatever is felt or not felt during your treatment the Reiki energy is working towards giving your body exactly what it needs to bring you back into a state of balance.


Animals and Healing/Reiki

Reiki and Energy Healing are effective complementary treatments for animals. I always ask you to ensure your pet is receiving medical care under a Vet for any aliment before arranging any healing treatment with me. Although the Vet is always the primary care giver to your animal, Reiki and Energy Healing may complement any Veterinary treatment being given. Reiki/Healing may be used for all types of illnesses and injuries in animals, especially soothing and comforting to animals that are nervous or in pain, or having difficulty recuperating from surgery. Also, animals too afraid to be touched, unable to be moved, aggressive, or wild, can be treated as effectively from a distance, "distant healing". Reiki/ Healing is gentle and can be done hands on or from a distance. The healer is a channel for the healing energy to which animals respond amazingly well and most times faster than humans. Our pets live in the moment, so they have no preconceived notions or ego to get over.



Reiki works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and can help you enhance every aspect of your life. Reiki is a deeply relaxing energy and aims to help you with:
  •  Reducing stress, tension and anxiety thus providing harmony, comfort & peace
  •  Addictions of all kinds.
  •  Support, balance and strengthen the immune system.
  •  Physical and emotional pain.
  •  Lowering high blood pressure.
  •  Anxiety and depression.
  •  Cleanse organs (liver, kidneys, arteries, spleen, gall bladder, lungs & heart).
  •  PMT and menopause and other hormonal imbalances.
  •  Arthritis and joint/muscle problems.
  •  Headaches and Migraines.
  •  Physical pain.
  •  Past trauma.
  •  Offers relief during emotional distress and sorrow.   
  •  Increases self-awareness.
  •  Promotes mental clarity. 
  •  Helps to assist the will to change .
  •  Releases emotions and feelings that may have been suppressed and hidden for years.
  •  Teaches tolerance, respect, empathy and patience.
  •  Increases flexibility of mind and body.
  •  Increases vitality and stamina.
  •  Balances the physical and energetic systems.
  •  Align the major energy centres (chakras) in the physical & fine bodies (aura).
  •  Restores harmony to body, mind and spirit.
  •  Reiki is so deeply relaxing it helps promote restful sleep for insomniacs.
  •  Reiki maybe safe to treat all symptoms of imbalance whether they are: chronic or acute conditions.
  •  Helps in the grieving process. It cleans and clears the emotions from being so draining and offers perspective.